In 1985, after finishing studies, I had the luck and pleasure do start working in Workshop of Artistic Carpentry and Interior Design led by Mr Waldemar Maciejewski in Lublin. There, I learned all techniques and mysteries of traditional carpentry. Moreover, cooperation with various museum workshops, as well as numerous internships abroad, allowed me to receive and master the skills and knowledge of this field. The skills which I acquired, together with a Master’s certificate from the Guild of Crafts allowed me to open my own workshop in Katowice. The Workshop for Renovation of Furniture, Woodwork, Traditional Carpentry, and Artistic Carpentry started in 1990. It came out as a consequence of my life-long passion towards beauty of antiques and traditional objects. My clients are private individuals, companies, as well as institutions in Poland and abroad. I have successfully finished renovation and carpentry projects for Silesian Museum, Silesian University, Town Hall of Katowice, the Court of Appeals in Katowice, and many more. My goal is to ensure highest quality of my service and full satisfaction of clients.